Volkswagen | Volkswagen details the pricing of its ID.4

Volkswagen Canada clarified the prices and release date of its first all-electric model last week. First observation: the ID.4 crossover wants to play the accessibility card.

Thus, at a starting price of $ 44,995 without the subtraction of incentives from the two levels of government ($ 13,000 in all after taxes), this ID.4 will be $ 5,000 less expensive than the production Mustang Mach-E, a direct competitor.


Starting at $ 44,995, this ID.4 will be $ 5,000 cheaper than the stock Mustang Mach-E.

The ID.4 also promises a range of 400 km obtained from a better capacity battery (82 kWh) for this rear-wheel drive version, theoretically about thirty kilometers more than the Mach-E. However, this one has a more powerful base mechanics of 266 hp compared to 201 hp for the Volkswagen.

If you want to enjoy all-wheel drive with its 300 hp in reserve, the wait will be a few months longer. Its price will be $ 49,995.


The ID..4 promises a range of 400 km obtained from an 82 kWh battery for this rear-wheel drive version.

The introductory version will be offered by Volkswagen in Quebec at the end of the summer at 34 dealers. A detailed list is published on the manufacturer’s website.

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