Test bench | Competition from the Lexus IS

The Alfa Romeo Giulia, the BMW 3 Series and the Infiniti Q50 all compete with the Lexus IS. Let’s compare these three luxury cars with our star.

Alfa Romeo Giulia

Price: from $ 50,995

Unlike Lexus’ IS, Alfa Romeo’s Giulia runs into a lack of factual data to judge its reliability. A criterion to which the potential buyer of the Italian sedan attaches, it is said, little importance. Advantage to the Lexus, but it does not provide the driving pleasure of the Giulia. Far from there. The Italian is undoubtedly today the one which, without any frills, sticks as closely as possible to the idea that we have of a sport sedan. Spirited, fun, temperamental, this Alfa Romeo is above all a machine to drive.

BMW 3 Series

Price: from $ 44,950


BMW 3 Series

Less distinctive than a Giulia, the BMW 3 Series represents in the eyes of many enthusiasts the sport sedan par excellence. Homogeneous, reliable, fun to drive and versatile (several body options are available), the 3 Series is proud this year of a plug-in hybrid version, a variation absent from the IS catalog. That said, just like Alfa Romeo, BMW charges a premium price for its sedan (the gasoline model starts at $ 49,350) and that doesn’t account for the many and expensive options associated with this model.

Infiniti Q50

Price: from $ 43,995


Infiniti Q50

Back when it called itself G37, this Infiniti was considered a formidable sports sedan. Marketed under a new identity since 2014, the Q50 then offered several versions, including one with a hybrid engine. This disappeared from the catalog in 2018. Faced with the IS, the Infiniti is more technically sophisticated and faster. On the other hand, its interior presentation is starting to date and its chassis has changed too little over the years to stand today compared to the Lexus.

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