Renault | An electric sports car from Alpine and Lotus

Renault’s sports subsidiary, the illustrious Alpine brand, has announced that it has sealed a partnership with the English brand Lotus for the development of a fully electric sports car.

This new model will replace the A110, a sporty featherweight two-seater with a rear mid-engine that is not offered on the North American market. It will be interesting to see to what extent the expertise of the two manufacturers in terms of weight reduction of components will allow the weight of this new creation to be reduced to ensure truly sporty handling on the road.

It should be noted that electric vehicles are, as a general rule, heavier than their equivalents to heat engines because of the significant weight of the on-board batteries.

Alpine will ensure the parallel design of a performance compact electric hatchback and a small electric crossover also focused on performance. The partnership with Lotus could also affect motor racing, with the Formula 1 and Formula E teams of the French brand.

For the moment, nothing indicates that Renault wants to ensure a North American distribution of its Alpine brand. That said, we cannot rule out the fact that this sport could be offered in the portfolio of Lotus, a brand present in Canada.

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