Mercedes-Benz | The huge digital screen of the EQS finally unveiled

The German luxury brand Mercedes-Benz presented last week the huge screen that will be installed in its new electric luxury sedan EQS.

Very impressive, while it stretches to a width of no less than 141 cm (56 in), it will occupy almost the entire dashboard of the vehicle. The unveiling, which was made as part of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), was obviously intended to help keep people waiting before the official presentation of the model, scheduled for this year.

The screen, which will interact with an evolved version of the MBUX infotainment system, will have a curved shape and will be OLED to ensure exceptional definition. Two layers of protection are affixed to reduce reflections and facilitate cleaning. Note that Cadillac was the first to use this technology in its 2021 Escalade.


The screen will be OLED to ensure exceptional definition.

No less than 12 servomotors are placed all over the screen to provide feedback when performing touch operations. Mercedes-Benz specifies that the menus will be arranged so that the user will not have to scroll through the important menus; they will be positioned high enough to avoid being distracted for too long. An eight-core microprocessor coupled with a 24 GB RAM will ensure its speed.

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