Lotus | A last gasoline model before the electric shift

With a range that for years boiled down to a single model in Canada, Lotus had a priori disappeared from the radar screen of many consumers. The legendary brand is now preparing its return by electric power thanks to significant investments from its owner, the Chinese giant Geely.

But, before this release, the English manufacturer will unveil its latest combustion engine creation in July. It will be called Emira and, contrary to what had been advanced by certain specialized media, it will only carry gasoline engines without the contribution of electric motors.

Lotus did not say anything about these mechanics, but the magazine Car & Driver says a 2.0L turbocharged four-cylinder will be used as input while a Toyota OEM V6 with a supercharger will power the sportier version of the model.

New platforms

The brand clarified by exposing its electrical aspirations that it is currently working on the development of no less than four new platforms, including that of the Emira.

Here again, details are limited but flaunt the owners’ ambition for grandeur for this brand that has had a roller coaster life.

The Evija, this supercar with four electric motors producing a total of 1973 hp, will be the figurehead of the manufacturer’s electric effort when it goes on sale this year. It is in its final tests before it is marketed.


The Lotus Evija

A modular platform that will accommodate many models will also see the light of day. The avowed goal is to increase the sales volume of the manufacturer, which was hitherto extremely limited.

Finally, another platform, of an electric sports car this time, will see the light of day in collaboration with the French Alpine, sports brand of the Renault group.

Lotus specifies that the emphasis remains on weight, a major challenge given the added heaviness of the batteries. An evolution of a legendary manufacturer which will be very interesting to follow.

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