It’s the end for the Mazda6

Mazda Canada announced Friday that it will no longer offer its Mazda6 midsize sedan after the end of its 2021 model year production run, which will end in July.

The decision, taken in a particularly unfavorable context for the category, is not surprising. Barely 1,049 Mazda6s found buyers in Canada in 2020 compared to 24,946 units of the compact CX-5 SUV, the most popular model in the family.

The Canadian branch of Mazda said in a statement that “this transition to crossovers presents an opportunity for growth for our brand.”

Very competent sedan, the Mazda6 saw the light of day in 2003 (2004 model year) to replace the aging 626. It will have had three generations. The current cuvée was launched in 2013 (model year 2014) and has been the subject of constant improvements throughout its life to ensure its competitive character, giving a dynamic rendering more successful than many rivals.

Note, however, that Mazda has been working for several years on a rear-wheel drive chassis and an in-line six-cylinder engine, two ingredients that can be used to produce a luxury sedan. Will it receive the Mazda6 name? Nothing is less certain at the moment.

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