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The higher the rolling resistance, the more energy the engine must supply to move the vehicle forward, the more it consumes and pollutes. Elementary.

With electric vehicles, maintaining the low rolling resistance of tires has a greater impact on fuel consumption and range than with a regular vehicle. “An objective often achieved to the detriment of the criteria of grip, comfort, noise pollution or longevity”, recognizes Steve Bourassa, product manager at Pneus Nokian. “Bringing all of these factors together on one tire, winter moreover, is quite a challenge. ”

Because, in addition to these characteristics, a tire perfectly suited to electric vehicles must display greater robustness to take account of its heavier weight. This contributes to increasing the deformation of the sidewalls, and therefore of the rolling resistance.

And there is also the acoustic comfort. “Electric vehicles are silent, the low level of rolling noise represents a criterion of choice for customers”, recalls our interlocutor. Moreover, to meet this expectation, the Finnish tire manufacturer has developed a new technology (Silent Drive) which will be launched by the Hakkapeliitta 10 EV winter tire, expected in the fall. This new process consists in particular in affixing a layer of foam on the inner lining of the tire in order to deactivate the air cavity of the tire.

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