Genesis | Genesis G70 2022 test bench: owners’ opinion

The launch of the Genesis G70 is relatively recent, but its owners have had time to form their opinions. Here is the opinion of two of them.

A thunderbolt

I have owned a Genesis G70 2.0T since August 2019. I am probably among the first in Quebec to have purchased this vehicle, which was love at first sight!

Moreover, the first months, I was called regularly to ask me the make of the vehicle and tell me that it was very beautiful!

I was able to take advantage of the valet parking service, both for the delivery of the vehicle and for the maintenance. An employee of the brand came to collect my vehicle in Montreal from my work, left me a G80 and brought me my G70 the next day at the same place. What service !

Except with the pandemic and the restrictions, that VIP service has been on hold for months. I had to go to the affiliated (Hyundai) dealership.

Plus, what a pleasure never having to pay for an interview! Not a cent. This is a change from BMW (I used to own a 3 Series) which charges a high price for maintenance.

I love the look of my G70 and its handling. The 252 hp engine offers satisfactory performance.

It is the best vehicle I have driven in my life (I am 45 years old). So much so that I’m seriously considering leasing the GV70, its SUV cousin, at the end of my lease.

I feel like I have a $ 60,000 German vehicle, but I only paid $ 45,000. Good economy for a vehicle offering similar services (equipment and driving).

– Martin D.

Under estimated

The Genesis G70 is arguably the best car I’ve owned in 30 years. Luxury, comfort, finish, adequate power (V6, 3.3T) and reliability. Unfortunately, the automotive press snubs it because Genesis does not yet enjoy the prestige of German brands. So what ?

In my driving life I have owned many German cars (Audi, BMW, Mercedes) and the Genesis G70 is just as well equipped as these, and at a fraction of the cost.

The maintenance costs are significantly lower and we get our money’s worth with this car. The Audi A4, BMW 3 Series and Mercedes C-Class are ridiculously overpriced and often less reliable.

– Paul G.-L.

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