Death of fashion designer Satya Paul

A Satya Paul show in 2009

(Bombay) Indian fashion designer Satya Paul, whose brand that bears his name modernized the traditional sari with contemporary prints, passed away at the age of 78, his family announced.

Satya Paul, a spiritualist from an early age, passed away Thursday in an ashram in the southern Indian city of Coimbatore, where he had been recovering from a stroke last month, said his son Puneet Nanda.

“Those who knew him at some point in their lives will remember him as the one who gave his love without reluctance or limits,” his son wrote on Facebook, “this is the best tribute to pay to him as he went away happily, without fear.

Born on February 2, 1942, he made a name for himself in the retail world with the 1980 launch of L’Affaire, India’s first sari boutique, before creating his own brand five years later.

His avant-garde creations fused Indian weaving techniques with contemporary palettes and revolutionized the sari, creating pieces with polka dots, zebras and abstract motifs.

However, the designer did not limit himself to saris, he also designed accessories such as scarves and ties. He built a network of stores in eight Indian cities and now has a thriving online business.

Satya Paul was admired for his business acumen. Biopharmaceutical entrepreneur Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw hailed the memory of “an iconic designer, a pioneer in the world of fashion”. The designer stood out among Indian fashion houses for his rigor and entrepreneurial daring, having hired famous designers such as Masaba Gupta and Rajesh Pratap Singh as creative directors of his brand.

Masaba Gupta, presiding over the designer’s farewell, also paid a heartfelt tribute to the brand which, she said, would “stand the test of time”.

She called on fashion schools to “introduce the brand to young aspirants of Indian design […] We can be inspired by the history of Chanel, etc., but we must first learn what happened on our soil,” she added.

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