By 2035 | GM “aspires” to stop building cars with polluting emissions

(New York) US automaker General Motors announced Thursday that it “aspires” to no longer build cars with polluting mufflers by 2035, including 4x4s and pickup trucks.

The manufacturer has not openly committed to offering only electric vehicles in 2035. But “we are taking measures to achieve this,” a spokesperson told AFP. “This will require collaboration from the rest of the industry, governments and customers,” she added.

The group also plans that all of its cars and other activities will be “carbon neutral” by 2040, a statement said.

In this context, the manufacturer plans to evolve its entire range of products towards electric vehicles or those that do not emit emissions such as hydrogen vehicles by this date.

“For General Motors, the most important carbon impact comes from the exhaust emissions of the vehicles we sell – in our case, up to 75%,” said company boss Mary Barra in a message. published on the LinkedIn network. “This is why it is so important to accelerate towards a future in which every vehicle we sell is a zero emission vehicle,” she added.

“But it is also essential that we reduce emissions from our operations around the world, from the manufacturing plants we manage to the energy we use to produce these vehicles,” Barra.

When the removal of emissions is not possible, GM will offset them through carbon credits or carbon capture.

The manufacturer worked with the environmental protection association Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) to establish these goals.

“With this extraordinary step forward, GM is making it clear that taking action to eliminate pollution from all new light vehicles by 2035 is a critical part of any automaker’s strategy,” commented its chairman Fred Krupp in the communicated.

GM has been making more announcements in recent months about its initiatives in favor of electric vehicles. The manufacturer plans to offer 30 models in 2025, with versions in the group’s four brands – Cadillac, GMC, Chevrolet, Buick.

The group also plans to invest a total of $ 27 billion by then in electric and autonomous vehicles.

“With (US President Joe’s) Biden’s green agenda on the horizon, we think other automakers could follow GM’s lead in the US while Tesla will continue to gain market share” on this sector, said Dan Ives, analyst for Wedbush.

Sales of electric cars represented only 2.6% of the market in 2019 according to the International Energy Agency.

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